Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Bubblegum bitch

We have been kept busy over the past week-ish or so!

I met with a radiation oncologist, got my hair dyed pink, attended the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in San Diego for the first time and had 2 check up appointments. Oh, and the hubby and I got a pet chinchilla last Thursday! ;)

Radiation oncologist filled me in on what treatment will be like. I will start after Thanksgiving, and will be going for treatment Monday through Friday for 7 weeks. Before I'm set up to begin that, I will go in for a couple of pre-treatment appointments. They'll do a CT scan on me in house to "map out" where they'll be treating me precisely. Then I'll receive markings where they'll focus the radiation. It will be a couple of permanent pin dot sized tattoos, so they'll always know where I received radiation treatment.

I have been told by everyone I've spoken to that in comparison to the other treatment and recovery I've had, this should be cake. So I've spoken with my boss, and am returning to work next Monday. ^_^  I may have some restrictions on what I'll be able to lift and do physically, but I know I could certainly do most of my regular tasks without an issue.

But I won't know until I try. :)

And I am looking forward to seeing my Sbux family. It's been way too long!

Dangerous thing regarding my return? Those damn seasonal drinks, specifically the caramel brulee latte. Yum. Thing I keep forgetting? When you have regular access to said beverages, you tend to over indulge and get tired of it quickly. So hopefully that will happen, and happen fast! Last thing I need is to gain more poundage, hahaha. I already need to lose a few!

Back on the topic of rads... the wait is due to needing me fully healed from my surgery, and now my fresher procedure on my right.

I'm happy to report that it is all healing nicely. The swelling finally dissipated. I have been able to lay off the medication to help lessen my muscle spasms. My chest is still uncomfortable and tight at times, but I'm coping much better.

On November 2nd, Violet (my wonderful mommy-in-law) took me out and treated me to getting my hair dyed pink for our then fast approaching walk! My hair was just dark enough to require bleaching. The bleach worked perfectly, but the pink dye? I had been hoping for a bubblegum pink versus a hot pink. So the lovely hairstylist Kelly mixed up the absolute perfect color. Let me sit with it. 

The verdict? Well, my tips took it nicely... my roots? Yeah, not so much. Chemo regrowth can be super stubborn apparently. She had to put a darker pink on just hoping it would take. It did take, but it was sort of orangey still. Ah well! Still looked plenty pink to me! It actually looked perfect with some product in it. 

Violet even got me some hair styling products while we were there so I could better maintain my freaky chemo fro. Hahaha. It helps in taming it so that it looks cuter. 

So, we had planned way back in April of this year that we'd be doing the San Diego Race for the Cure on November 4th. To say I was determined to attend would be a huge understatement. I feel guilty to have had to do it, but I was seated in a wheelchair for most of the walk. I had to swallow my pride, because I was still really swollen and uncomfortable. Bummed I had to do it that way, but it allowed me to be there. And for that, I am so grateful.

It was such a beautifully touching and heartwarming experience to attend. To attend as a survivor, and be able to participate in the survivor celebration ceremony? I don't know if I have ever felt such a mix of pride and modesty all rolled in to one.

Not only by the ceremony, but to be surrounded by so many people I love so deeply. To know that they care and were willing to walk alongside me. God bless each and every one of you who walked with me that day, and made up Team Pwn Cancer! I love you guys. It was easily one of the best days of my life (right after my wedding day).

Jason, bless his heart, pushed me in that wheelchair for at least 3ish miles that day. We took a cab from the hotel we stayed at to where we thought was close to the starting line. Yeah, it wasn't all that close. So he pushed me starting from there. Poor hubby! lol.

The walk was 3.1 miles on its own. My dear dear friend Shalysa took over once Jason was exhausted. I should mention that it just had to be at least 85 degrees that day. She pushed me until we reached this crazy gnarly hill. Then I refused to let anyone try and push my butt up that thing. I got out of my chair, and slowly trudged up that beast until we reached the finish line.

I'm one stubborn bitch. I was later scolded at my follow up appointment with Dr. Mowlavi about having walked any of that race. I wasn't supposed to do much physical activity for 3 weeks. Oopsie! I had committed to being at that walk, and especially to finishing it as a survivor. I'm proud to have accomplished both. 

None of it would have been possible without all the love I am and have been surrounded with. The Lord, Jason, my family, my friends, my doctors/nurses, and even that of many kind strangers. It's appalling how many people have heard my story and been touched by it in one way or another. And even enough so as to even say a single prayer for me. It's no wonder to me that I am where I am now. 

The power of prayer and love are unstoppable. <3

Ah yes, and next year when we will inevitably walk again - we already have a name picked out! Team Frankenbooby 2013, for the win!!!

Team Pwn Cancer (minus my brother Sean, SIL Lindsay, niece Sydney & neph Austin) after the race!

So, lastly, the husband and I now have our own little furbaby! Prior to my surgery, Jason and I would regularly visit our local PetSmart to get filters for our little 5 gallon aquarium. We have a single golden dojo loach in it. When we'd go, we'd always look at the other animals. Specifically the kitties because well, I adore kitties with every fiber of my being! And I also sorely miss my cat Johnny; when we moved, we had to leave him with my parents because we simply had no room for his litter box anywhere in our tiny apartment. 

Princess Chinsuela Bananahammock! :3
Anyway... a week or so before s-day, we went to the PetSmart a little further from our place. They had a couple of chinchillas available. I LOVE chinchillas. I've wanted one for well over a decade. Jason teased me when I'd talk about it, until he saw how adorable these critters are. He fell in love! 

We decided it would not be a good time to get one until after we were back home, etc. Well, the time wound up being right last Thursday! We got our chinchilla. She's a female and fairly young. Total sweetheart. I think it will be a very therapeutic thing for us to have another little creature to care for. 

More love in your life is never a bad thing is it? :D  Even if it is for a small rodent!

P.S. If you don't get our chin's name... then check this out -- 

Have a grand week all! God bless.

“So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.”  Isaiah 41:10