Saturday, April 12, 2014

We only get one shot at this

Hoohoo blog!

Much has gone on and much has changed since last I wrote... yet so much is still the same as well! 

My 2 year cancerversary came and went without much notice. Truthfully, I think I went to work as it were any other day. I didn't even realize it had been two years since my diagnosis until a few days later. Haha! I would like to think that's better than obsessing on it, but I should like to mark it a bit better from here out. I want to always appreciate each year -- each month -- each week -- each day -- each hour -- each minute -- each moment, that passes... 

 I know I'm something of a broken record on specific subjects, but they are SO precious. Not everyone is guaranteed tomorrow. A bit over two years ago, that fact became abundantly clear to me. Thus, I will be a better survivor (should I be blessed enough to celebrate my third cancerversary) and make a celebration out of it again next year. :)

Soooo, besides having an obliviously peaceful cancerversary, I did get through all my tests performed by my cardiologist. And you know what we discovered? Not a lot. We determined I'm extremely physically deconditioned. Say what?? I'm crazy out of shape. Go figure.

Had to wear this heart monitor for 48 hours straight. It got super itchy!

Happy to find out my ol' ticker isn't damaged from the cancer treatment, but really? All that to be told I'm out of shape? Lol! I could have saved us a lot of time and money!! Ah well. It stinks because I was in pretty decent shape before the shit hit the fan. ;) My cardiologist was at least nice about not making me feel guilty about it though. He explained that I have good reason for it happening since I had no choice but to take it easy and rest for the better part of the past year plus.

There is an unlikely chance that I might have developed late symptoms of radiation damage to my heart, as it can't always be detected on echocardiograms, but he says I have no other symptoms besides the rapid heart rate. Phew!

Personally, I'd rather not have trouble with my heart. I sort of need it, like, for living and stuff! ^_^

And guess who happens to be portacath-less now?!

Yep, it is no more! I'm still trying to get used to being without it. You don't appreciate normal until normal isn't an option anymore. Having that odd little plastic device living under my skin just beneath my collarbone was normal for a good long while.

So I was given the choice to have it done in the surgery center and be put under for it, or my surgeon could give me local anesthetic and remove it in the back room. I chose the latter of course, you know, because I'm Batman a bad ass. 

I learned that anesthetic really burns once it is injected. I also learned that there is absolutely nothing natural about hearing tearing and slicing sounds that you know are coming from your own body. Only a little unsettling... hahaha! My entire body was so tense I was shaking, sooo I was pretty excited when it was all done. Still took about 45 minutes, but at least Jason could be in the room with me. <3

And he got a picture of my port being held up like a trophy-fish after it had vacated my body!

Gross, I know -- sorry!

I recall being so against having the port put in originally. I didn't want another scar if I could help it. Strange as it sounds, it's one of my favorite ones. Jason informed me it's one of his faves too. There's something about it. I think it's because it's so recognizable. You see someone with that clean scar and you can probably safely assume that it was used for administering chemo. Something like a badge of courage.

If I was bolder, perhaps I'd share my other scars, but I don't know about all that. Although I respect and admire the survivors willing to bare theirs completely. With that, I can perfectly segue into this photo I found of a stunning mastectomy scar cover up tattoo. The size and placement is fairly close to what I dream of having. Assuming that skin can be tattooed.

Seriously gorgeous (and inspirational) mastectomy cover up tattoo.

I have yet to see my gynecologist again. I was so tied up with appointments last month that I spaced on the time of the appointment and missed it. I really need to reschedule... as I have some irregularities and concerns. And I still want to get the IUD.
The fuuuun never ceases! Lol, and I do now have a brand new PCP, so I need to get in to see her. I have a million things I want to bring up with her but I also want to push for a referral for the cosmetic surgeon I want. Praying that will all work out.

Christ has gotten me this far. I trust He will continue to see me through. No matter the stress or pain or fear I must face, He is there. There is always comfort in that, and I need to focus on that when things get hard.

And well, that's about all I have for now everybody! Thanks for taking the time to read! May the Lord bless you and I wish you all a beautiful weekend! Make sure to go love who you love, be happy and make some lovely memories. :)

"Then he said to them all: “Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross daily and follow me. For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me will save it." Luke 9:23-24