Friday, April 13, 2012

Stand and fight

So round 2 is done, and I've now got only 2 to go!

This go-round was much easier. I didn't have the anxiety I'd had the first time. I knew what to expect,  how long it would take approximately, etc.

The only hiccup we had was in the beginning. I had tried to get my blood drawn on the arm opposite where I'd been getting my IV for chemo put in so I could save that vein. First time I'd gotten my blood work done, she was able to tap the opposite vein. This Wednesday, I was still bruised from the previous week in that spot. She tried, but couldn't get it. So she had to draw from my chemo-arm. I was assured it shouldn't be an issue, but of course it was. My nurse at the oncology office tried to insert the IV in that spot and was unsuccessful. So she tried lower down my arm, in between my wrist and elbow. Seemed to go in fine, but started to swell as soon as fluids went in. Sooo... um, no bueno! Thankfully she found a juicy vein on the side of my wrist.

I have petite veins apparently. Haha. I'm seriously praying I can avoid having a port-a-cath put in throughout this. There was another patient today who had gotten one put in 3 weeks ago. I was watching her face when they put the IV in it and she had tears in her eyes! I was thinking to myself, "PLEASE hang in there veins o' mine!!". >_<;

So far so good. Usual tiredness. I know it won't kick in until tomorrow. I found out there's a good possibility I may experience the fatigue for as long as last time. There's also a chance it won't be as long. I am quite grateful that I am not scheduled to work until next Thursday though, just in case.

Speaking of work, I was able to go back last Saturday. My parents came by and visited me for a few hours afterwards that day, which I really needed. They brought me all kinds of goodies, being the sweethearts they are. Love them so much!

I'm also proud to say I worked everyday this week leading up to my treatment. It was great! I actually felt more like a my normal Anj-self again! I love my co-workers too, so that helps.

When I came in last Saturday, I was greeted with all my fellow work buddies donning pink ribbons pinned on their aprons. I was grinning like a fool as I went to the back, and then noticed a little Ziplock baggy full of these pins with a note on it: Support Anj :) . I teared up. All this time I'd been SO worried about my job. I know maybe some people might wonder why I'd be concerned about keeping a barista job as I battle cancer, but I sincerely love working at Starbucks! As I mentioned, my co-workers are awesome and the job just feels right for me. So seeing this gesture one of them (which turned out to be the lovely and sweet Ms. Rebekah O. ^_^) had taken for me helped me feel some relief. Like, oh hey! Maybe I am wanted there, yay!

I'd learned my lesson on the cabin fever that sets in shortly after being shut in while my immune system  recuperates last time. So I had asked my SIL Briana if she would mind going with me on Wednesday after I got off work to take me to get my blood work done, and then to get some pedicures. We might have also had some crazy delicious lunch at Lucille's BBQ as well, hehe. It was so nice and a much needed few hours of relaxation. I was much appreciative to her taking the time to go with me. :)

One of my best friends Shalysa came to visit me yesterday too. We just hung out, caught up and got yummy lunch at my favorite Mexican restaurant. I needed those couple of days to feel normal and relax, so I certainly appreciated her visit too. :D

Rewinding a bit... Easter Sunday was the first time I was able to go to a family gathering at all since this whole ordeal began. I'd unfortunately missed my niece Lexi's birthday party because I was in quarantine mode after my first round. So we were invited to Jason's sister and BIL's (Erin and Ryan) place for the day. It was awesome to see all of them. Jason and I got these seriously perfect and amazing t-shirts my dear friend Katie pointed us in the direction of, that have Star Wars stuff about being against cancer. Anyone who knows either of us know that we're all about geeky stuff, and more specifically, Star Wars. Need proof? Our entrance into our wedding reception was set to the Imperial March, Jason had Darth Vader cuff links with his tux, and we own 2 force-fx lightsabers. Yep.

We decided that would be the perfect day to wear them out! So, here we are modelling them!

And here we are with our beautiful niece Isabella, having found one of a few things that was truly relaxing us for the first time since all this began. This was my inspiration for wanting to go for that pedi! Lol. I fully intend to return just so I can hang out in that spa in the near future hopefully!

So, you may have noticed my absence of wig in these photos. It is very cute... but in combination with my glasses? It's horribly uncomfortable. It squeezes my head like a vice. ;( I've only been wearing it to work so I don't have explain anything. Ironically, I've gotten a ton of compliments from customers, regulars included, on my new "hair style". Haha. :) I just thank them!

My hair has become steadily more patchy, but I'm surprised I still have as much as I do. At least I was smart and got myself some Head and Shoulders anti-itch 2-in-1 shampoo to help with the itching. That stuff works too! So any other people who may unfortunately have to go through chemo who end up with itchy scalp, I recommend that for sure.

Other than that, I need to get myself some new hats. Maybe some scarves? Hehe. It's kind of fun doing something different. Even if I do feel like I look like a total goober. It's nice and easy to get ready in the morning! I don't miss doing my hair. AT. ALL. I'm pretty sure the hubby doesn't miss that extra bit of time it takes for me to do it either!

Since I haven't in a while, my song of choice for the moment --

"Humble yourselves, therefore, under God's mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time. Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you."  1 Peter 5:6-7

May God bless you all with an extraordinarily wonderful weekend. Enjoy every moment, and never forget to count those blessings. Even if things seem bleak, there's a reason it's been placed in your path. :) Always keep up the fight. 

I plan to. 


  1. I <3 u and im glad that we were able to hang out. Hopefully i will see you soon again because you are my dearest friend. I had a great time catching up with you and just relaxin. I had missed you soo much and im glad i got some time with you. Keep pwning the cancer! <3 u lady. And tell yo hubbeh that he's teh awesome. Sha

  2. My adorable and Precious SIL! I absolutely LOVE reading your posts. You are truly amazing. I'm still waiting to hear when I can come help you on a Wednesday. Also, Luke and Lexi want to see their Auntie. Please let us know when. Love you my sister and friend. xoxoxoxo

    P.S. Love this song choice!