Monday, May 7, 2012

Chemo and a cold... seriously?

Did you know you could get a regular old garden variety nasty old cold while you're going through chemo? If you did, then you knew more than I did! Started probably last Wednesday? Hard to say though, as I felt crap from the after effects of treatment as usual anyway. I know that's about the time I started with a tickle in my throat. Sporadic coughing and such.

This last go round was tough. Lots of crying and frustration on my part. I went back to work this past Thursday, as I have been, and wasn't able to get through it. I had to go home after being there only a couple hours. I was beyond fatigued and dizzy. Of course I was displeased with myself for that. Missed work Friday, went back Saturday... but by then my cold was beginning to kick in.

Nobody is at the oncology office on the weekend, so I had no idea whether it was okay for me to take any OTC cold meds. I suffered through until this morning without anything. I'm still surprised they didn't want to give me antibiotics or anything. They also were not too worried about if I were still sick for my infusion this Friday. Wtf? Haha.

It just gets to the point where you're simply sick of feeling sick. Now is when I would regularly feel "normal" again before going through it all over again, so it really sucks to be genuinely sick before feeling chemo-sick.

Praying I feel better ASAP. I need a breather, if only for a day.

Work has been shorthanded as well, as we lost a couple of employees due to various circumstances recently. So I feel an extra responsibility to be there. The thing about that is that nobody else really has any excuse to skip work if the girl fighting both cancer AND a cold simultaneously is there for her shifts. ;) Lol

Poor Jason caught my cold too, but he's just beginning it.

We're gonna be a sorry looking pair. Haha.

And speaking of us as a couple, tomorrow is our anniversary! <3

We'll have been married for 2 years.

We've been through A LOT of stuff in those 2 years of marriage too. Both of us were both unemployed through part of that first year, then I was trying to find work without any luck. I finally found my job at the beginning of this year and we got our own place, then I was diagnosed with cancer seriously only a month after we'd moved.

Not sure why we've been dealt the cards we have, but I can say without a doubt that our love can survive anything. The bond Jason and I have forged through all our trials is paramount. And the foundation for our love? God. If we didn't have God as our marriage's rock, I don't know we'd have made it this far. Love is grand no matter what, but without Christ, difficulties the magnitude we've faced together would have easily torn us apart if only from the stress.

So thank you Lord, for holding us up when no one else (not even ourselves) could. I will continue to thank Him, as I know He will get us through this as well. He already got us this far, and this will have been the first huge challenge of this journey. :)

Guess that's all for now, my lovely readers. I shall post about my FINAL (for now) treatment later this week. Hope you all have an easy and safe week!

" Be merciful to me,  LORD,  for I am faint; O LORD, heal me,  for my bones are in agony." Psalm 6:2

God bless!


  1. Amazing blog! I love you so much!

    Yes we're both looking pretty rough lately, but at least we can see the light at the end of this extremely difficult tunnel! This is something I pray we, or anyone else we know, will never have to go through again! There's nothing out there that can possibly prepare someone for the toll cancer takes on both people!

    Let's heal up and get ready for the last chemo battle we'll have to least for now!

    I love you!

    1. Love you too babeh! We got this.