Friday, May 11, 2012

Round 4 - Anj vs. Chemo: ANJ WINS!

Round 4 is in the books! Done done done! ....for now. Next Friday I meet with my oncologist and find out his plan for me. It's looking like I will be doing another four cycles of chemo, but what's up in the air is whether I will be doing it now or after surgery. My guess is still that it would be post surgery. We shall see though!

Sorry all, had to take my own pic this time! Haha.

Seems rather surreal to say I have finished this "last" round (even if it's not technically my last). I am so grateful to be able to say it, regardless of that fact though! It means I have completed the first part of this difficult journey, and for that, I am relieved and pleased!

My treatment went smoothly. Got the vein on the first try and it went quickly again. Jason is still super sick with that gross cold I had. Oh! Which, by the way, I started feeling better from on Wednesday a bit and then by yesterday felt much much better. I still have a cough, but it's manageable.

Anyway, because of his being sick, he took me to my appointment but stayed in the car so as not to risk infecting other patients. So I was flying solo. Least I didn't have to completely go it alone until my last one when I knew what to expect. I just pray he feels better soon, my poor fella. :(

We stopped for a quick bite for lunch and then headed back home. So far I feel okay. Nothing shockingly different. I had some iced tea I probably shouldn't have had, so I feel like I've got a little too much adrenaline. Otherwise I'm okay.

Other than that, I've lately been missing my hair. Haha. My work wig is looking shabby and I was never 100% satisfied with it anyway, so my parents have generously/kindly bought me a new one and it's ordered and on the way. So much cuter. Looks like how my hair did when I had an angled a-line bob but um, better. Since it's always perfect and waaay easier to manage. ;) I don't know why but they never have dark colored wigs in stock. As an "I want it now" person, it's frustrating to wait but what choice do you have? Lol.

Speaking of kind/generous deeds; my dear friend Samara has kindly purchased dinner to be delivered for Jason and I tonight. She says it's to help celebrate. :) I thought that was very sweet, especially since neither of us are really up to cooking. So thank you again girl!

God is good, and I'm so happy to be through some of the most trying portion of this. And even if we have further trying times ahead, I'm thankful to be done with some part of it. I'm one large step closer to recovery. Without His help, I would not be. For without the courage I've been granted, I would not have made it this far.

So here's to the next part of the journey, whatever that may entail. May Christ guide me and my husband through it with renewed courage and strength so we can endure this. May our love for one another and for Him grow stronger.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful weekend! Happy Mothers Day to all my loved ones who are mothers and all you other moms reading, and especially my mom! I love you Mom! Thank you for everything and enjoy your day, I wish I could spend it with you!

"Always giving thanks to God the Father, for everything, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ" Ephesians 5:20


  1. That's my honey! Thank God this chemo is behind us! I've never had to face anything this difficult in my life, and while we're most likely going to have to face it again, at least it won't be as aggressive.

    I'm really proud of how you've handled this. It's pretty amazing to look back on.

    For now we focus on the surgery. I know we'll have a couple of steps to get through before that happens, but that's cake compared to what the past two months have been like.

    Love you sweetie!

  2. so glad your last set of chemo (for now) is behind you!!!! you're an amazing and strong women Ms. Anj! Everything from here on out is going to be a cake walk! I hope Jason feels better soon! that nasty cold is making the rounds and it is horrible... get lots of vitamin C.

    Sending love and prayers to you both! <3

  3. Love you Anj. So good to hear that you are done for now. First milestone...check... Sorry J is sick. Hope you all feel better soon. Time for snuggling and a movie and eat your dinner that Samara got you guys. (How sweet is that?)
    Have a good and prayers.