Thursday, June 14, 2012

Holey Anj, Batman!

Yes, holey. Not holy. And Batman? Well... I love Batman! Haha, no really! I mean, I do totally love the B-man, but hopefully I don't have to explain my pun (I did forewarn you all about my being a huge geek :B ).

*Ahem* Anyhoo! ... Today was Taxol treatment numero dos, so that's done and in the past now.

Chemo treatment #6 - 2/12 of Taxol.
Allow me a moment to sigh deeply with relief. Ah, much better! Today was pretty bad. The poor nurses had a REALLY hard time of getting my IV in. My veins are just shot right now, and I naturally have tiny veins (or so I'm told?). So several unsuccessful attempts ensued. Several tries in my hand, one in the side of my wrist, and one more try on top of my hand. Last try on my hand, she thought she got it in, but it started to swell as soon as the fluids were going. So they had to go on my left arm. PTL that one went in without a hassle.

After this experience, we came to the conclusion that I can no longer avoid the port-a-cath. T-T I'm extremely sad that I will have yet another scar from this battle once I've won, but as my hubby said to me "just another badge of courage". ^_^

Not sure if I had explained the port in another post or not? Well, in case I didn't and for those who are unaware, a port-a-cath is an "implantable venous access system". It is placed completely under the skin, and it will allow for an easy-access portal for medication and fluid to be delivered into my bloodstream. It's essentially a sure fire way to make sure I get my IVs hooked up properly every time. It will also preserve my veins.

The other part that sucks? I have to get a procedure to have it put in. Good thing though, it will be an outpatient procedure. :) So next Tuesday I will be going in around noon to get that taken care of. I've never been put under, so I'm nervous about that, but I gotta remind myself that God's got me. All the same, prayers for me are always welcomed though! Hehe.

Another change from my excursion with Taxol last time is I am starting to feel the aches. Nothing extreme, thankfully, but I feel 'em. If they stay this mild then I have no qualms with them. If these aches decide to be jerks, then I will be unhappy. Other than that, doing okay again. Much better on the fatigue with this regimen on chemo still. It was ridiculous with the AC. I'm happy to count my little blessings, no matter how wee they are!

I nearly forgot to mention it! I did go to that breast cancer support group this past Monday evening. It was very nice to be with other people who knew exactly what I was talking about. However, I'm not sure if it's the right environment for me personally. I'm still unsure though. It was a rather large group, and I'm horribly shy in large groups. >_>;

I was also the youngest woman there. While that doesn't make a huge difference in many ways, it does make for different personal challenges while battling the C. From recovery time, to whether you choose a lumpectomy or bilateral mast. There's also different concerns. Older survivors who have had children already don't need to be concerned with the possibility of infertility from chemotherapy, or early onset menopause, etc.

Thankfully though, I did meet 2 other women who were younger there. One named Allyson was very kind. She's only 33 and was diagnosed approximately a week or two before me, and she is also blogging her journey (so I recommend checking it out!). :) Another younger woman, 35 years old, was even kind enough to show me the result of her double mast with reconstruction. She's in survivorship mode on her journey, but I thought that was nice of her to share with me.

Either way, I am glad I went. Having breast cancer, as cheesy and lame as this will sound, does put you into some secret special sort of sisterhood with other patients/survivors. I'm glad I had the opportunity to meet so many other women fighting for a cure. God bless them all.

Lastly, I got the okay for me to attend my free spa retreat! So Monday I'm heading to Spa Gregories in Newport Beach for a free massage given by an oncology-specialized massage therapist. It's all organized by a group called Greet The Day. They give out these free spa retreats to cancer patients quarterly. I just think it's such an awesomely nice thing to do, and I'm so humbled and grateful I was chosen for it. :)

That's all for now ladies and gents! As always, thank you for following along. Enjoy that weekend! Oh, and a Happy Father's Day to all you daddies out there; particularly to my exceptionally awesome Dad! Love you Daddy, thank you for all you do! Relax and enjoy your loved ones everybody. It's such a blessing to have good family.

"Pray continually."  
 1 Thessalonians 5:17


  1. Yeah this was a rough one! We were there for 45 minutes before the IV would set! It was so tough watching your face the three times they were unsuccessful!

    2 of 12 out of the way! Can't wait for this chemo to be over with! I have no nails left!

    I'll be there Tuesday for your port-a-cath. As much as it sucks it will make the next 10 weeks at least somewhat smoother.

    Keep on doing what you're doing honey! I love you so much and can't tell you enough how proud I am of your strength and courage!

  2. You're a rockstar, so you have nothing to worry about come Tuesday! With God and all the support/prayers being sent your way, you will come through without a problem. Even though our journeys are different, we experience similar emotions. I am here for you in case you ever need to be in the company of another "young" BC patient. Also, if you feel comfortable, I have contact info for 2 other young survivors (one of which was 21 when she was diagnosed, but is now cancer free at the age of 26), and maybe all 4 of us can meet up one evening. :)

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend! **HUGS**

  3. I've been alittle MIA lately but trust me i've been following along and think about you and Jason every day! I'm sorry that the port-a-cath is now becoming a reality but on the bright side you will no longer need to be a pin cushion! My nana needed one during her chemo and even though it left a scar she was happier with it being a quicker process.

    The spa retreat sounds awesome! I'm so glad you were picked! Enjoy the pampering sweetie... you deserve it!

    Sending lots of love, prayers and pixie dust!!! xoxox