Friday, July 20, 2012

I know that it's your will

I know, I know. I'm getting lackadaisical about making my posts ON my treatment days. I am forever the procrastinator. Especially since my infusions have been (rather thankfully) routine as of late.

Interestingly enough, the biggest thing to happen this past week was discovering that I have developed a food allergy to shellfish or some kind of spice used in Thai food. Regardless of which it was, I wound up with a swollen tongue and my throat seemed to swell a bit as well. So that was awesome and not at all scary! O_O;

I was glad I was clever enough to take a Benadryl before we headed to the nearby urgent care. By the time we were there in the waiting room, I started feeling better. I explained what happened and apologized to the receptionist girl before we left. I do plan on seeing an allergist at some point in the future after that incident, but for now I will make it a point to steer clear of shellfish/Thai to be on the safe side.

Yesterday Jason got another break from taking me to chemo. My mommy-in-law Violet took me again. :) We had a nice chat, and it all went by quickly. Stopped by and grabbed some tasty lunch from California Pizza Kitchen afterwards. I don't dread chemo days like I did so much at the beginning of all this. I sorta look forward to it anymore. It means I've got one less to face, plus I always have company and the promise of lunch out after. Hehe.

Chemo #11 -7/12 of Taxol. My MIL kindly lent me an extra digit for the photo.

Sooo... I'm getting there! Only 5 more to go. One month and a week left of this. I can do it, right? Sure I can. One day at a time. I've gotten this far much to my own surprise. When things are difficult, I keep telling everybody I'm tough, and I guess I can say that with some definite certainty now.

Of course Christ knew I was tough enough to handle this long before I did. :)


I start each morning by thanking God for giving me another day of life. My diagnosis was such a wake up to treasuring my individual blessings. Particularly the ones that are most commonly under appreciated. Our lives are so precious, and truly gifts from above.

My situation is a blessing too. Things could so easily be far worse for me. And while it may not be discernible to me yet, but I truly feel I'm experiencing this to help others. Even if it only helps one other person, that's good enough for me. I will endure whatever I am given with all the grace I can muster.

In superficially-related news, my hair is growing back in some more! Slowly but surely. It's much fuzzier now than it was a week ago, etc. etc. My eyelashes are coming back too. Eyebrows seem to be coming back at a slower pace, but that's okay now I can fashion some false ones nicely.

Been on the Effexor  XR for a week today. I'm not sure how long before it alleviates my hot flashes. Or if it will make them disappear completely. The hot flashes do seem like they have been less frequent. So, perhaps that's the best I'll get from it. Better than nothing!

I spend a lot of time farting around on Pintrest []. It's become my obsession since I first began chemo. I even started a board dedicated to goodies I want to wear for the Race for the Cure in November. Haha. That's my big thrill in my life as a breast cancer patient on disability.

Well, I suppose I should say on "leave of absence" at least. >_<  I have yet to see any sort of money from California for disability or any definite okay from my work. I could write a novel on that issue alone, but I'll save that for another day.

Wishing you all a great weekend and week to follow! God bless each and every one of you reading this.

"Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus."   
1 Thessalonians 5:18

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