Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Life in waiting

First things first, another song speaking to my feelings currently. Here's my song choice for this post:

Yesterday I had my PET/CT exam. I was rather nervous, as I didn't know what to expect but it was one of the easiest tests I've had performed on me so far. Allow me to break this down!

Paper work as per usual as a new patient and then got a wrist band with my name put on me. Taken to a room, get to sit down in a comfy ass chair then had an IV put in. Next the guy injects it with some radioactive sugars. Wish we had gotten a picture of the container it came in! It looked like when they are able to create that single cure right in the nick of time for some crazy bad virus in a movie. A single syringe sitting all pretty, isolated in some big ol' metal container. So awesome. :) Haha

Once I was injected with the radioactive junk, Jason and I discussed superpowers I may develop. Sadly, the only thing I seemed to develop was severe hunger-belly. Then again, maybe that was due to the fact that I hadn't eaten anything since 6pm the night before! Lol, either way, it felt epic.

By the way, the whole reason for that radioactive sugar stuff, well... I'll describe it as it was described to me. It's essentially candy for tumors. So, it goes into your bloodstream and when you get this exam done, the tumors show up as hot spots on the images. 

One of the best things about that exam? After I got that injection, I was TOLD to relax. Preferably nap even! So, I did just that for about an hour. He even covered me with warmed blankets!! Which now I want a blanket-warmer, k thx. Anyway, as soon as the hour was up, I was taken to get my images taken.

I was concerned it would be like an MRI, but I'm happy to say it was a lot better than an MRI. No loud noises, not as claustrophobic either. Plus, it was very quickly over with. And guess what else? He put fresh warm blankets on me for it! :D

Of course the awesome husby stayed with me throughout the whole thing. He even snapped a photo of me during the exam itself. You can't see me so much, but you can see the machine itself, which is sort of cool?

About halfway through the imaging, they put some sort of iodine contrast into my IV. It caused my entire body to feel instantly hot. The opposite reaction you feel from contrast dye you receive during an MRI. Strange that you can feel anything in your blood, honestly.

Oh, and after having fasted for a total of 19 hours, you can chow delicious Mexican food like a champ! At least you can if your name is Anj. >:3

I was supposed to get the results back from my doctor yesterday, but didn't hear anything 'til today. He apologized, and then I was told that the exam had confirmed our suspicions. My internal mammary lymph node is indeed cancerous. The good news? The rest of my body is good and healthy! Lungs, blood, liver, brain, etc. Other good news? I'm starting chemo on Friday, so that shit will be stomped out regardless!

Sooo... THANK YOU GOD! I'm so grateful my cancer is localized for the most part. This is a great little bit of good news that I needed. 

As for goings on for today, I made it into work. It was an easy baby shift. Right after I got off, I rushed home to get ready for another appointment. This one was even easier than yesterday. Simple ultrasound done on my heart. My heart is just fine as far as I know, but it's a routine thing any more for patients preparing for impending chemotherapy treatment.

On the way back, we stopped by a wig place that was recommended in the original breast cancer patient binder I was given by the hospital. Some very sweet older woman helped me try on tons of wigs. They custom fit the wig for you, and even cut your hair for you when you start to lose it. I found one wig Jason and I both thought was very me, but she didn't have it in my color. She said she'd order it, and tomorrow I will go by to try it on. I am 99.9% sure I'll be purchasing it too. :) I never thought of it, but she also suggested getting a sleeping cap for night time. I'm used to having hair, so it'd probably be cold for me without something like that. Another suggestion, was to buy one of the hats or scarves they have for when bumming around home. I won't want to wear a wig 24/7, for sure.

I get to live a normal day for the most part tomorrow. Longer shift at work, then pick up meds (albeit chemo-related meds), go by that wig place and then relax. Or try to. Because come 11:30am Friday morning, it's go time.

Keep the prayers coming guys. I need it.

"I can do all things through Him who strengthens me."  Philippians 4:13


  1. WOW! Thank you soo much for posting! It's important for us all to know what you are going through so we can be there to support you. I love that you include songs in your posts too! SO happy to hear about there only being one node that was cancerous! I think you have super powers already... :) And those powers are going to carry you through this whole thing. Thank you for BEING SO positive and I can feel the love you put into every post! Thinking of you! ;)

  2. Hi Anjanette,
    My name is Lisa and I worked with your mom at Levitz AGES ago..I too was diagnosed with breast cancer at a young age (35) and had an 18 month old at the time. Reading your blog is like seeing myself. All I wanted to do was kick cancers butt and go on with my life. You have the PERFECT attitude. You will encounter rough patched but just ride the wave. Have "fun" with not having to shave your legs, do your hair etc....It was amazing to be able to get ready in under 10 min ;) Good luck with chemo little hint...if they give you Adriamyacin (?) be prepared...I called it red cool aid. Bright red and the first time you pee it will be red...I look forward to reading about your journey..God Bless!