Friday, March 30, 2012

Round 1: FIGHT!

One round of chemo down, 3 more to go!

I can officially, officially wear my I'm-a-cancer-patient badge of courage now! I was totally nervous and scared, but it wasn't bad at all. Of course I have no idea how the next few days will play out, but I'm praying to just be achy and exhausted. So, thank you to everyone who was praying for me thus far. It seems to be working. :) Please keep it up, if you wonderful readers/family/friends would be so kind!

I got to sit in a comfy chair for two and a half hours. They dripped Zofren to me first before administering my first chemo meds which was Cytoxan. After that was done, they set me up with some fluids, and then I got Adriamycin. Red stuff that looked super cool, and may or may not have made my pee orange later. >_> Haha

The worst I felt during the initial treatment was a headache. As soon as I mentioned it, I was brought Tylenol and it subsided shortly thereafter. Also got really chilly having cold liquid pumped into my veins, so I landed myself another warmed blanket! Which, I think if anyone asks me again if I need or would like anything during this... a cute blanket for chemo would be swell. :3 Speaking of warm, cute things! My oncologist office gets donations from different sources that actually knit head scarves, hats, and beanies for patients undergoing chemo. So I was able to pick out as many as I wanted/thought I'd need. :) God bless those individuals for doing such a kind and thoughtful thing. All of this stuff is pricey enough without worrying about buying multiple items to hide your hair loss. Also reminds me that we found out each chemo treatment, for my meds alone (anti-nausea, Neulasta, etc.), will be $200 each time. Sheesh. I feel so freaking blessed to have good medical insurance, I'd hate to see how costly they'd be without any.

Ah yes, and I now fully comprehend what people were referring to when I had read about "chemo brain". My mind is really cloudy and I feel rather dopey to be honest. Besides that, I'm just really tired so far. Like I said before, praying it stays that way. I now know though, as one of my nurses told me, after I have my Neulasta injection there's a good chance I will feel achy in my bones. It makes sense, as it replenishes your bone marrow though. It's meant to be self-administered, but I'm recruiting my poor sweet hubby as I can't look at needles being injected. That won't be until tomorrow however.
Something I didn't realize until today, after being told by other chemo patients, is food tastes different. The meds can affect your taste buds apparently, and I can confirm this. A small PB&J sandwich sounded delightful for dinner. Jason very sweetly made it for me, and as I began to nom my glorious sammich, I discovered I could barely taste peanut butter. Dude. Okay. That really sucks. I love me some peanut butter! Also, we have this delicious swiss cheese from Trader Joe's, and I wanted a couple saltines with some of that. I couldn't taste the yummy cheese either. :( Oh well. At least it's not permanent, or then my Anj-ish wrath might be invoked! Lol

Since I didn't post yesterday, I did stop off to purchase my wig yesterday. Nothing too crazy. Matches my current hair color perfectly, and she took my head measurements so it'll be fitted specifically for my head. It's a shorter wig, but cute and very me. Once it's in my possession and I am in need of modelling it, I shall take a photo. :) The nicest thing about that wig shop is that cut your hair for you once it's starts to fall out. I may jump ahead and when she calls to let me know my wig is ready, just come get it taken care of. It's guaranteed I will lose my hair, whether that's partial or all of it, who can say? But I'd rather get ready for wig wearing before I have to live with patchy hair first.

I really feel the need to publicly thank my beyond amazing, patient, loving and ridonkulously awesome husband. Thank you SO much babeh, for going through this with me by my side. I know I would not have the strength to bear this cross without both God and you to help me. This is exactly the type of man I always knew you were, and you've proven to be even better than that. I'm so grateful for you. Thank you for loving me unconditionally. I know I sure as hell love you in the same fashion! So, thank you sweet Jesus for giving me a husband I am almost certain I don't fully deserve, but am damn glad to have!

With that said, I have 2 songs for today's post and they are both dedicated to my lurve, a Mr. Jason Donahue:

 I also have one that that fella of mine requested I post for today, and it's a real good one:

Alrighty, so my cancer is officially getting pwned as I type this. I must keep this in mind if I feel crappy in the next few days. It will be because that lame ass cancer is trying to take me down with it, but I won't let it! Stupid jerkface it is. :P

Enough about mean old cancer. Time for a prayer instead! --

Dear Lord, 

My spirit I commit to You, my body, too, and all I prize;
Both when I sleep and when I wake,

You are with me;

I shall not fear.


God bless, and hope you all have a great weekend!

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  1. No need to thank me! It's what I do!

    I'll be here with you to help you through the chemo side effects for as long as it takes! You'll power through this, honey. For as strong as you've been so far, this is something you can handle as the chemo starts to wipe out that cancer!

    One down and three to go! I'll be there for all three of them, and for as long as you need me after!

    Love you sweetie! Hang in there a little longer! This is what we've been waiting for, and our return to a normal life is right around the corner. Well a much more blessed and open-eyed life, that is!